how do I show these stuffs?


taking the negative value of margin-top is putting the contents below the image. as you can see, it is covered by the image. help!


  • give z-index value to that content and position relative might be needed. this will bring that content in front. 
    hope this will work. 
  • Nice job ehsan vai...
    I just want to open a jQuery section to discuss about jQuery problem.
    Because i can't discuss much about javascript in the class due to time limitation. 
    So, in this section, we can learn about javascript application.
    So, what do you all think about this...?
  • Thank you Bipul Vai.

    Although i am not so experienced on java-script. But it will be a good opportunity for us to learn java-script from here. 

    Thank you.
  • edited December 2014
    ehsan vai,

    do you have any idea or any questions about javascript or jquery or ajax to start discussion in jQuery category...?
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