Finally outsourcing metal wpc fence

Finally outsourcing metal wpc fence

the installation of metal decorative wood base before the wood is
fixed on the ground, then the adhesive to metal panels bonded to the
wood, the wood can be used directly in the nail embedded block, or
through an expansion bolt connection method of fixed. If the Aluminum
Alloy tube, can use aluminum angle is fixed on the frame column, or with
wood screws fixed on the sunken in the grounds.

the installation of vertical frames the bomb line nail vertical door
frame timbers, and then determine the shape and position of frame column
with plywood. Finally outsourcing metal decorative surface. The package
finishes to finish butt joint position on the middle position installed
on both sides of the glass. The seam position must be accurate and
vertical. 5, the installation of glass with glass suction machine to
thick glass suction, and then hold the suction cup by the 2-3 will be
thick glass plate up,

move to the installation location. The upper part of the glass is
inserted into the limit groove of the top of the door frame. And put the
lower part of the glass on the bottom bracket. The glass bottom is
aligned to the center line, metal finishes on the two sides of just
outside the door shut, requires both inside and outside the invisible
finishes took the mouth.

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