wpc deck development of construction plans

wpc deck development of construction plans

Exterior coated water plugging take waterproof measures in the
exterior half side, rainwater intrusion through the waterproof material
jams. Construction of the strengths of high altitude homework, all kinds
of waterproof and repair works are professional and technical staff on
the site survey, split, and the development of construction plans.
Therefore, no need to set up the scaffolding to the high wall waterproof

saving auxiliary expenses. The bottom two, exterior wall building
coating construction of new wall paint construction exterior paint
requirements of the maintenance period enough, the new water mortar
concrete surface must pass the curing time reasonable, let the "spit"
soda, fully dry. The bottom surface should be dry, solid and firm,
should not have sand, cracks, loose and other defects.

The construction method of exterior wall coating should not be a
large area of putty scraping, putty layer should not be too thick,
materials used in polymer cement putty. Generally used over the bottom
of the coating, two times the surface coating construction. According to
the quality requirements of the project can be appropriately increase
the number of surface coating times. The general painting from top to
bottom, each time brushing should be the dividing line, the wall,

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