Recording Studios in Atlanta | Atlanta Studio 12 | Recording, Mixing, Mastering & Audio Engineering

Atlanta Studio 12 is your premiere recording studio in Atlanta for all of your music recording, mixing, mastering & audio engineering needs! Our recording studios in Atlanta have only the best Atlanta pro audio & studio space in Atlanta. We are one of the more preferred production companies in Atlanta. Our Atlanta producers will help assist music artist to land their record label in Atlanta and in the music industry to help them reach their goals & dreams!


As a leading Recording Studio in Atlanta, we are known for superior project executions and that’s the reason why a vast majority of musicians locally and from other states/countries visit our Pro Audio and Production Company in Atlanta.

Atlanta Studio 12Where other Atlanta studios offer half-baked services, our expert music engineers provide Atlanta recording studios world-class recording and engineering services in imageour luxurious and modern studio space in Atlanta.

As a highly experienced Atlanta recording company — we take your project(s) and transform them into high class beats that are nothing more but multi-platinum beat potentials.

As we record your music in our studio, we proceed to offer the best of mixing service that will help fine-tune your tracks to 100% perfection. We simply help you find the right balance!

With attentive ears and fingers, coupled with huge wealth of experience in the music recording industry, and also with powerful cutting edge equipment & tools, we will help produce the perfect mix that will offer your music the right support and balance that it requires.

Right here at our studio, we take care of panning, adding right compression, keeping with dynamics, balancing volumes and cleaning up the entire process to eliminate noise and distortions, as these are just some elements that will be considered in your mix-down session at our office.

Right from Editing to Mixing to Mastering, we are the Atlanta Production Company that does it BEST!
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