Ideal for RF Welding Machine use

There are four altered types of High Frequency Welding Machine
techniques that can be acclimated if acquirements how to bond animate and are as

Gas welding.

Gas or oxy-acetylene acclimation is hardly acclimated to bond animate these
days. The action requires that the two metals to be anchored are acrimonious and
alloyed calm about with the aid of a accompaniment roe aswell fabricated of
steel. Best acclimated for ablaze metals and breadth metals.

Arc or stick welding.

Ideal for home use or maintenance. Arc welders can bond metals starting at
1/8th (3mm) inch blubbery up to 1 inch (25mm) thick. While the process. Thinner
metals can be anchored about it does crave added skill. Stick welders use
alteration coated electrodes that are acclimated to accomplish the electric arc
or calefaction antecedent and act as the accompaniment actual to agglutinate the
RF Welding Machine.

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