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a popular erythritol sweetener, creates an unusual cooling sensation on
the tongue…. a sensation I wasn’t too fond of at first.  However, it is
one of the safest and gentlest (digestive-wise) sweeteners on the
market and it provides bulk and substance to a recipe that other
sweeteners cannot.


instead of worrying over how Swerve might affect my favorite dessert
recipes, I focused instead on creating tantalizing new recipes with
ingredients that enhance the coolness of the Swerve, rather than
fight against it. Here are the few top
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which helps us to burn fat
and add some extra mint chocolate to our life

this recipe, the cooling of the sweetener and the freshness of the peppermint
blend together so smoothly, it was like they were made for each other!

if that doesn’t get you.. the chocolate will.  Adapted from All Day I
Dream About Food, this is the best sugar-free chocolate I have ever had.
 After I was done dipping my meringues, I poured the remaining chocolate
mixture into a mold (and topped it with more crushed peppermint).  The result?
 Creamy, luscious, and perfectly balanced dark chocolate.

course, if you’re not a chocolate fan, you can just make meringues.  I’ll
still love you.

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