Shirley Chen is a Chinese very creative illustrator that stunningly mixes art work with trend and ph

Do you absolutely adore to check out the attractive work of varied talented men and women who present to their visitors incomparable and totally extremely good crafted stuff? I have this keenness too, and recently I ran into a lovely blog website that is created by a wonderful Chinese designer that lives in Europe. Her name is Shirley Chen and she was born in Shanghai but now she lives Sweden and does very good and intensely captivating paintings as well as mixes this activity with website writing and clothing fashion related photography. Thus, on her deeply captivating blog website are available exceptional creative illustrations that give to the audience an extraordinary sense of pure beauty.


I turned out to be so curious about her enchanting and super enchanting very creative illustrator works, that I started to look deeper into her profile and discovered that in her young age she was really attracted to graffiti and this activity motivated her to create and paint fantastic drawings. Furthermore, I have found that in addition to creating actually authentic and charming drawings, this extraordinarily experienced and also qualified artist has a passion for cats and among her most highly valued and highly-regarded masterpieces can be found out of ordinary cat illustrations as well. So all the kitten enthusiasts, simply will end up being happy to find out enjoyable and remarkable artwork that represents their cherished four-legged buddies. Also, being a many-sided creative personality, Shirley is also enthusiastic about design and style and even though, when she started to generate on her blog 7 years previously she was sharing only her unbelievable works, now she also concentrates on informing her website visitors about china fashion by showing to her every day looks and she even blends them with computer illustrations simultaneously. Also, it turned out that she is also a very good interior designer and by now she had the opportunity to work for a number of projects that involved wall decoration, candle holders, fabric and embroidered pillows and a lot more. As you can see, a wonderful mind and soul can only establish unique goods and produce really brilliant and artistic ideas!

I guess that at this stage you might be actually curious about to see precisely how she blends the cat art with style and design and photography to create a one of a kind website that attracts every day plenty of people eager to discover some fresh and exciting art guidelines, and I will be more than delighted to inspire you to simply click over the internet link that follows: where you will discover what you want to learn about Shirley! Stay attuned to her amazing works and ideas and your creativeness will end up richer and more inventive!
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