Vegan diet is safe if you know the proper way to do it

Not a few people who are still hesitant to apply a vegetarian diet, because it is feared will experience a nutritional deficit. And according to experts, if done with the right principles, vegetarians will not make you lack of nutrients.

As stated by Drs Susianto, dr. Hendry Widjaja, MARS and Helda Mailoa, SST Nutrition, in his book entitled 'Vegetarian Diet a la', the basic principle of vegetarian diet is actually very similar to the typical diet, which differs only the type of protein consumed .

"In the vegetarian diet, animal protein is partially substituted with vegetable protein, called partial substitution, because eggs and milk containing animal protein are still consumed by lacto vegetarians and lacto-ovo vegetarians," say the authors, as quoted on Friday (22). / 7/2016).

When done correctly, vegetarians can be applied from adolescence to adulthood, without the risk of certain nutritional deficiencies. The key is in the variety of food consumed and the nutritional setting.

"Both must be adjusted to age and body condition, for example in children during puberty, where the growth period is maximal, then the protein intake of children should be improved," added the author.

Some types of nutrients that are feared will be deficit when applying a vegetarian diet such as protein, calcium, iron, and vitamin B12. In fact, not only from animal sources, these nutrients are also widely owned by vegetable sources, which can be utilized by those who are vegetarian.

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