dietary habits that support your effort for weight loss

To lose weight, the factor is not just about food and exercise routines only. There are other factors that unknowingly secretly also influence.

As quoted from various sources, here are 5 factors that can secretly also make the fat and slim slim:

Lack of sleep

A study conducted in Finland of 2,000 respondents found that people who had a pretty average sleep better able to control their appetite. Conversely, those who sleep less tend to have a higher appetite.

Quoted from the Daily Mail, the researchers also concluded that often staying up late makes a person's desire to eat sweet foods to be higher. At breakfast they also tend to prefer unhealthy food.

Research published in the journal Obesity writes that the effects of staying up to the diet can make a person at higher risk of obesity.


Stress is not just related to mental health. Experts call when stressed, someone is more difficult to have a flat stomach due to hormonal influences.

Stress has an effect on the adrenal hormone, the hormone that makes the body easier to store extra calories in the abdominal area. Therefore if you are often stressed, then the belly will always lurk.

Antidepressant drugs

One of the side effects of some types of antidepressants is weight gain. However, avoid immediately stopping your medication if necessary. Consult a doctor first.

Not always because the drug, quoted from Web MD, in fact stress and depression itself can cause changes in weight.


Most women experience weight gain as they enter the menopausal phase. The most likely cause is the hormonal factor. Yes, this allegedly powerful factor naturally slows down the body's metabolism, so the body will burn fewer calories. In addition, a change in lifestyle ahead of menopause also plays a role.

Dietary habit

Not just a portion of the problem, the diet is said to make you fat is also because the body lacks certain nutritional intake. Among these deficiencies are magnesium, iron or vitamin D.

Quoted from Prevention, this can affect the body's immune system, reduce energy levels and slow the body's metabolism, so that weight is vulnerable to rise and difficult to fall back.

You can increase your intake of magnesium through your intake of red meat, spinach, and nuts. Do not forget to drink milk for vitamin D needs can be fulfilled.

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