How effective is quick weight loss diet??

Various types of diets that claimed to quickly lose weight back discussed in social media, one of them is GM diet aka General Motors. Not take long, claimed this diet can reduce the weight of 5-8 kg within a week.

According to nutritionists from Lagizi, Novia Akmaliyah, S.Gz, in addition to rapid weight loss, GM's rising diet is also claimed not boring with the menu provided, does not reduce the portion and other problems that can generally cause dietary failure.

"Initially the GM diet was created as a way for General Motors (GM) employees to lose weight quickly and efficiently," said Novia.

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In this diet method, a person is required to follow the program for 7 days, each of which has been set menu. Novia mentions, there is a day where the person can only eat only fruit, vegetables only, a mixture of both, to the meat and rice menu.

If you want to get maximum weight loss results, you are required to follow correctly the rules.

Quoted from Livestrong, a University of Florida nutritionist, Elaine Turner, claims this method is not safe to lose weight, especially if done in the long run and used as a lifestyle. If you are planning to lose weight with a GM diet, you should consult your doctor first.

The Cleveland Clinic nutritionist explained that the best way to lose and maintain weight is to control the portion of food and exercise regularly. Do not forget to also make sure your daily food has nutrient-dense.

In fact, GM's diet is considered not to meet these requirements. Researchers from the Harvard School of Public Health even say that extreme weight loss programs like the GM diet also can not be generalized effectively to everyone. Because basically every body has a different metabolism.
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