Benefits of weightlifting for women

Many women who think that lifting weights only for men only and are suitable for women only type of cardio exercise. The reason women do not want to lift weights is very simple, women are afraid of having muscles such as bodybuilders that can eliminate the feminine side of women. This reason is just a myth. Because the male and female muscle types are very different, no matter how much weight a woman lifts, she will not have as much muscle as men. But if you compare with a female bodybuilder it will be very different because female bodybuilders consume hormones to increase muscle growth.

Weight lifting for women is very useful, in addition to forming the body, lifting weights is also beneficial for women's health as follows.

1. Lifting weights reduces the risk of osteoporosis early on

By doing weight lifting then you will have a solid bone and so that osteoporosis can be avoided early on.

2. Lift the load reduces the risk of heart disease and diabetes

Dense muscle will help your body in eliminating blood sugar levels and triglycerides so as to reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes and atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries). In addition to weight training you can lower blood pressure up to 10-12 hours after the weight lifting. So it can make your heart get the rest needed.

3. Lifting weights can tighten the body

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Cardio exercise is actually enough to burn fat, but not able to build muscle with maximum compared to lifting weights. Lifting weights helps you to have an ideal, toned body. Thus you can avoid the skin that sag.

4. Lifting weights can help in forming a fat-free ideal body

Muscle is the main motor in fat burning. The more muscle you have the more fat will be burned. Muscle masses tend not to make the body look bigger for women. But not with fat, excessive fat mass will take up a lot of your body so that your body looks fat folds that look bad, and this is true for anyone both men and women.

5. Lifting weights can improve your body's metabolic system

With age increasingly precisely since women stepped on the age of 30 years, women will gradually lose muscle mass. This will trigger a decline in the body's metabolic system of solid body so that fat causes more easily accumulate in the body. By lifting weights will help to smoothen your body's metabolism system in burning fat even after you have finished the exercise.

With all the benefits of lifting weights, it's no longer a reason for you women to start putting weightlifting sports into your daily list of activities
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