the effect of lose weight too fast

Who does not want to have an ideal weight in a fast time? But be careful because weight loss quickly can be risky to health.

According to Dr. dr Samuel Oetoro, MS, SpGK (K) many health risks that arise when a person's weight drops in a fast time. For example, the occurrence of gallstones.

"That name low-calorie diet.Well the fat that goes a little because the intake is also a little so dangerous gallstones can not come out," said Dr. Samuel met  Health recently,

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In addition, other health risks that can occur is a change in metabolism in which the ability of cells in processing food to be down. Then the hair loses and the skin dries out.

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Doctors who practice at Siloam Hospital MRCCC is said, when someone is on a diet ideally weight loss that occurs around four to five pounds. But he reminded the weight loss is also different in each person.

"Weight loss depends on everyone's body, there is a week can be a kilo there is also not," said Dr. Samuel.
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