improving the spirits for your exercise

Hi readers, this last post to close the month of June. Hopefully next month everything is even better.

Everyone has a motive for doing things, because humans generally do a pattern in which they are afraid to feel uncomfortable and they do something that makes them feel good, Anthony Robbins calls them Pleasure and Pain factors.

Well, strangely most of us like to see wrong, we often assume that discomfort while pointing to something bad, while a sense of comfort leads to something good, but in general, I can confirm that when you're feeling uncomfortable, you're grow.

See what i mean?

Many humans are caught up in a feeling of comfort; For example, you are procrastinating exercise and while sitting sitting at home and do nothing because you feel comfortable. Other people have done while you are still putting off not feeling comfortable for a while.

Believe me, if a healthy and good body that can be formed in a blink of an eye or easily turn the palms (duile). So, there will be no human obesity or die of cancer.

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Gym motive

It's up to you, you want to start and change yourself now, or tomorrow. Humans move by motive, and my job is to make you realize that you can be much better, much healthier and much more attractive if you want to follow a healthy lifestyle.
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