material thermal conductivity composite decking

material thermal conductivity composite decking

Two, "the name of the special geothermal floor?" the floor
circulation market, for heating the floor, only variety, and the name of
more chaos: such as "thermal" floor "anti geothermal floor" to heat the
floor, is the most "heating floor" "heating floor" "heat resistant
floor" and "geothermal floor" special geothermal floor ", we think that
some names are not scientific, some name does not seem appropriate,
especially the floor radiant heating system, the booming development of
early name must be standardized,

should be said:" the warm floor "the definition should be: suitable
for wood flooring radiant floor the heating system, and through the heat
transfer plate for room. Three, the thicker the floor insulation? "The
thickness of the wood floor is absolutely the feeling whether the
comfort factor, so many consumers in the purchase of the floor,
especially in purchasing wood or bamboo flooring,

wood flooring required thickness of 15 - 18mm. Therefore, in the
purchase of floor heating, they also use this method to choose, but do
not know that wood is a bad conductor, usually wood material thermal
conductivity in 0.17 - 0.34, while water is 0.5. If the thickness of the
floor is too thick, it is more detrimental to the heat transmitted
through the floor to the board and is consumed in the conduction
process. As for insulation, floor under large temperature difference,

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