How to Choose the Best On-site Excel Classes

When you decide to do a course in
Excel, you should look at the complete package being offered. Important areas
that need to be covered are basic calculations; formatting and printing of work
done on Excel; working with databases; and other tips that will make using
Excel quicker and easier to use.

Some basic functions on Excel which
need to be covered in the classes are: Formatting and entering data; navigating
and selecting data; copying and moving data; how to hide/show gridlines;
formatting cells; insertion of columns, cells and rows; composing group
worksheets etc.

The course should also include
formatting and formula basics - such as division, multiplication and
subtraction; wrapping of text; data formats; fills and borders; table
formatting and creation of cell styles.

Besides the above functions, you can
also check out if the
Houston Excel Classes you would like to enrol in teaches data filling and setting up of
basic databases. Such topics would include automatic formula copying, creating
records, creating fields etc.

After learning the many options Excel
has to offer, you would need to be familiarised with Excel printing options. These
would include how to scale the print, check page size and margins, how to print
titles, footers and headers, and do a final preview.

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