burn the calories now at home

Not only outdoor space, the corners of the house can actually be a fun place to burn calories. No need to do physical activity is "serious", only more active capital. Bonus, you can erode your body fat deposits. Home Sweat Home, along with activities you can do.

    Bathroom Brushing

It could not hurt if you occasionally tie up the bathroom before cleaning the body. In addition to the bathroom more clean, you can also burn calories, which is 143 kcal. Not bad, right?

    Washing Motor or Car

Nor does it intend to deprive customers of a subsidized steam service near your home. No. But, washing your own motor or car when you rarely move is also a good idea. A total of 178 calories kcal you can trim with this activity. And, when brushing the tires, brush the tight because the opportunity allows you to burn more calories.

    Clean the Page

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The leaves are scattered everywhere, the kennels are full of dirt, the grass is high, and the pond water pale tanpak fish. That's a sign you have to clean up. It's not just for the health of your body because it burns 214 kcal. But this can be a mode in order to get a warm hug from your partner.

    Inviting Pets Traveling

Do you realize that your habit of bathing pets whether cats or dogs can burn your calories? Yes, it can help your weight loss efforts. Not to mention if afterwards, you took him around the complex for 30 minutes. You can burn 357 kcal calories.

Doing these activities certainly will not hurt you for the weekend. Start from now. Home Sweat Home!
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