tile flooring

Laying solid wood flooring should pay attention to what the solid wood flooring in the shop after the local sometimes tiles deformation, mainly because the ground is wet, and the ground is often wet or local water leakage and other causes of water. When using the keel laying method, due to the wet and dry shrinkage of wood due to different wood and different, and vertical and horizontal scalability vary widely, so the keel will appear after the tide deformation, cracking, arch, so the floor There will be tile-like. The use of mattress paving method can effectively prevent the above situation. This approach because of the need to save the dragon skeleton, it will not talk about the deformation of the problem. This suspension of the laying method, the test permeability coefficient is very small, which has a good moisture and moisture resistance. Pave the treasure can be a good place on the concrete floor of the moisture and wood floor isolation, so that the phenomenon of tile flooring tile can also be avoided.

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