chocobo will come to ac origins??

A one-year break and come back in one of their best forms, there's no longer a more precise sentence to explain the overall experience you'll get with Ubisoft's latest game - Assassin's Creed: Origins. The adventure that begins the story of the Assassins is indeed getting the praises of various parties, especially through the team's ability behind Black Flag to create a fantastic atmosphere of ancient Egypt. As we know, this popularity is not just happening among gamers only. Popular JRPG Games - Final Fantasy XV even holds a special event to celebrate its release. And like cooperation in general, now it's Assassin's Creed Origins turn that will get content from FFXV.

Update on Ubisoft for AC: Origins in December 2017 is indeed interesting. Not only does it add new levels of difficulty and Horde mode, this free update will also inject scaling level features for you who feel that the difficulty level at the end starts too easily. Through a short teaser anyway, the cooperation between Final Fantasy and AC: Origins seems to have been seen. If FFXV festival arrives with Assassin's Creed costume in it, AC: Origins is likely to allow Bayek to ride a typical "Chicken" Square Enix franchise - Chocobo. At least, you can see it from the tail.

Ubisoft also ensures that the December update will also inject the last Trial of the Gods session that will make Sekhmet's god an enemy. How about you? How many of you have tasted Assassin's Creed Origins?

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