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The Tampa Bay Buccaneers coaching staff and front office will spend the
next few days evaluating the team's performance this season and the
roster. For players set to become free agents, it's also an opportunity
to assess what's next for them. Here's a look at some key free agents
and the chances of them returning.

In the last two years, Grimes was arguably of the Bucs' best players on
defense, leading the league in pass breakups in 2016. In 2017, he dealt
with a shoulder injury that forced Custom Seattle Seahawks Jersey
him to miss three games, but was still very productive and by far their
best cornerback. Grimes hasn't made a decision about his future yet,
but the return Custom Oakland Raiders Jersey
of head coach Dirk Koetter and Mike Smith will help.

"I like Dirk, I like the coaching staff, I like this team, I like the
city, it was fun. All that will definitely weigh into my decision,"
Grimes said. "I've got some stuff to think about, but they made it clear
that they like what I do and would like to have me back. So that's a
good thing, but right now I'm just going to go home, relax and think
about it for a little bit. I'll have my answer; I won't have people in
limbo too long."

Grimes will be 35 next season, so it might be tough to gauge what his
free-agent market would look like. He also has to determine if he
thinks the Bucs will rebound and return to their 9-7 form from 2016.
Either way, it's clear that the Bucs need to inject more resources into
this position, preferably with some experience, as the drop-off was
significant in the games in which Grimes didn't play.

With quarterback Jameis Winston under investigation by the league for an
incident involving an Uber driver, the Bucs would be very smart to
bring Fitzpatrick back. In fact, it should be a priority. This is
absolutely something they have to prepare for, especially if Winston
gets the Ezekiel Elliott treatment, which would mean they'd be without
their starting quarterback for six games.

Fitzpatrick showed his value when he stepped in for the injured Winston
and performed very well, throwing seven touchdown passes and Custom Dallas Cowboys Jersey
three interceptions and winning two games in three starts. His
steadiness, despite whatever circumstances were going on around him, was
also something Winston said he learned a great deal from, and the two
developed a strong relationship despite an 11-year age gap. And contrary
to what people might think, Fitzpatrick isn't necessarily looking for a
starting job next season.

“At this point in my career, I'm not going to Custom Seattle Seahawks Jersey
be given or gifted a chance to start anywhere, probably," Fitzpatrick
said. “You know, there’s a lot of things that weigh into it now for me
now that maybe didn’t years ago, just in terms of family and different
situations. I enjoyed Custom New England Patriots Jersey
the year I’ve had here and even just the Tampa area in general. But
this team, I think Jameis did a good job this year and you can see the
improvement in his game. I’d enjoy being back. I really enjoyed my role
this year, but you never know. We’ll see what happens.”

McDonald lost his starting job when Chris Baker came in, although he
performed a lot better than Baker despite being a rotational player and
also missing two games with a back injury. He averaged $3 million per
season with the Bucs. His leadership is excellent and his production was
still strong, as he finished with five sacks lining up next to Gerald
McCoy. If they wanted to keep him as a rotational player, which would
allow him to possibly keep his production despite turning 31 in a few
days, they'd be wise to go younger here and cut the 30-year-old Baker,
who wasn't a good fit.
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