floor heating function features

floor heating function features

pipe repair maintenance does not need to warm the old year (Note: the
old heating bigualu, after seven years of use, national mandatory
scrap), comprehensive cost calculation, compared with any other kind
heating, have value for money. 4, temperature control arbitrary
"temperature control self heating floor" using advanced "temperature
control intelligence" technology,

can be set at any time to achieve the desired temperature, and
according to the scope of activities, flexible heating area settings. 5,
the cost of 1+1 < 2, health and environmental protection due to the
use of advanced "floor heating two in one" structure design, but also
Lange "warm core self heating floor" cost is very favorable, floor
price, floor + floor heating function, spend the same money to buy two
kinds of products. Lange "warm core self heating floor",

the use of German high-tech equipment and advanced manufacturing
process, in strict accordance with "EU E0 environmental standards" to
eliminate formaldehyde. 6, super energy saving, low cost of use, per
square meter / hour power consumption is only 0.058 degrees (normal
working state),

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